Wall Wall & Frauenhofer LLP

Personal Injury

If you've suffered an injury that wasn't your own fault, you may be entitled to legal compensation. Why should you pay the hospital bills if your injuries could've been prevented by the party responsible? Our attorneys can help you sort out the paperwork to ensure that you're compensated for your suffering.



Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one has gotten arrested, give us a call immediately. Getting tangled up in the law can be a frightening experience, so don't go through it alone. With the assistance of our attorneys, you'll be able to fully understand the charges and what you're up against.



real estate

Buying or selling a real estate can be an exciting milestone. Let our lawyers help you ensure your transaction is completed thoroughly and comprehensively - and most importantly that your purchase or sale moves along quickly and efficiently.



estate planning

Although you may feel young and healthy, unfortunate situations occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Don't get caught off-guard — have your will and trust done while you are sound of mind and prepare for the future. Should tragedy ever strike, this important step takes a huge burden off of your loved ones.



probate admin

Sorting out who gets what property after a loved one's death can be a difficult and emotional process. When you need someone who is level-headed and experienced in probate law. We'll be able to carry out the wishes of the deceased as an unbiased party, preventing conflict as much as possible.



workers’ comp

If you slip and fall while on the clock, you're probably eligible for workers' compensation, especially if you have to take time off for recovery. Give us a call as soon as you suffer an injury at work, and we will lend a helping hand through the legal process of getting compensation.